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Business Strategies

Our primary business objective is to increase quarterly distributions per unit over time by executing the following strategies:
  • Pursue strategic and accretive acquisitions of FSRUs and LNG carriers.  We believe our affiliation with Golar allows us to pursue a broader array of growth opportunities, including strategic and accretive acquisitions from or with Golar or from third parties.
  • Compete for long-term charter contracts for FSRUs and LNG carriers when attractive opportunities arise.  We intend to participate in competitive tender processes and engage in negotiated transactions with potential charterers for both FSRUs and LNG carriers when attractive opportunities arise by leveraging the strength of the industry expertise of Golar and the Fredriksen Group, as well as our publicly traded partnership status.
  • Manage our fleet and our customer relationships to provide a stable base of cash flows and superior operating performance.  We intend to manage the stability of cash flows in our fleet by actively seeking the extension or renewal of existing charters, entering into new long-term charters with current customers and identifying potential business opportunities with new high-quality charterers.